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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  April 12, 2010 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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where police are searching for a murder suspect they say stabbed to death two people, one of them they say, his own daughter. >> his little daughter, it's just horrible to think that a man could do that to his own. >> reporter: the suspect is the 34-year-old, simon. he's accused of killing his 3- year-old daughter and her mother the 27-year-old. it happened at the mother's apartment in the brent place complex in alexandria, sunday morning at 10:30. >> that's the investigation that you don't think that they could do. for the death penalty. >> yeah. >> both mother and father are believed to be from eat yep california and they may have been married at some point. but police say that he did not live there now. >> we're going to do everything that we can. we're going to spare no resource and leave no stone unturned until we bring him to justice. i'm audrey barnes. in dumfries, virginia, a 12- year-old armed with the semiautomatic handgun takes it
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on the school bus this morning. going all the way to the potomac middle school. >> and had he got off the bus and pointed the gun at his head. >> the teacher on the bus duty. they saw what was going on and quickly responded. and they were able to, you know, di fuse the situation. >> the boy was estranged and held for police to determine that the gun was not loaded and the boy didn't have ammunition. >> what if somebody were to get on the bus and intervene? then what? >> he was a good guy. i think that, you know, something happened. >> and the sixth grader is undergoing a medical evaluation. and they are facing charges of possessing a gun on the school property, an automatic 365-day expeelings. >> at the nuclear center in downtown dc, ton of security here. you can see the pedestrian fences. they are the barricades to keep cars and trucks out there. but what we're not seeing ends up there. and that is traffic.
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president obama could only dream that the world leaders are listening as closely as they could to their warnings. and as commuters, nay had been listening to the warnings about the gridlock traffic. and for a few of us that braved the streets of finding out that it will be pretty easy. but for the sound of the motorcades and the sirens, the streets are remarkably quiet as workers stayed home or stayed away from downtown. >> but you will let the cat out of the bag tonight so everybody will be here tomorrow. >> reporter: it's tough to complain about the summit's main golfment keeping nukes away from terrorists. so the only real protests were rallying against the rival of the chinese president. and the chinese repressions of the religious group felon gone and the people of tibet. inside the summit, nearly 50 world leaders all working to secure the nuclear vulnerable material around the world in
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the next four years. today, the ukraine announced that they would get rid of their stockpile of the highly enriched uranium. the u.s. and the china amounts that they are working to put the pressure on iran to -- iran to end that program. >> controlling all nuclear materials to produce a bomb is in the interest of every one of us gathered around the table and everyone around the world. >> president obama met one-on- one with several of those leaders at the summit today. back outside, the local small businesses are just trying to hold on until this summit is done as bruce johnson tells us, the street closings and they are keeping the customers away. >> it might be the largest gatherings for them in recent memories. this group of the senior chinese american and the northern american didn't want to miss it. gathering outside the park hotel on the upper northwest to welcome the chinese leaders. >> we don't want to expand it, the nuclear weapon.
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we don't want any country to use that with them. >> they had mixed feelings of the nuclear street blocking age. business owners at the park in the hotels looked good. but right next door at 24th northwest, across from the park, is murphy's restaurant. as you can see at this time of the day, it is only packed, it's empty. the owner is losing thousands of dollars today and tomorrow. and closer to the guys of the downtown washington convention center, the more it looked like this. and the barricades and the school of the police are on every corner. a capitol city undersieged. fought mind the barricade, appearing nearly abandoned. they had no customers out there. >> how much money are you losing? >> oh, a lot of money. >> reporter: the independence bank had no walk in the customers. same thing for the other surrounding customers. managers and the owners were reluctant to complain. they know what was at stake for the nuclear summit. 47 world leaders, trying to
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agree in how to reduce the nuclear-bomb making materials. >> it's a great neighborhood for us to do the business in. and it is something that you'll have to deal with because they are here. >> the downtown area will be on lockdown tomorrow in some businesses that they said they may not even try to open for the few customers who might try to stop by by. >> bruce johnson, 9news now. >> they have put some calls into the office to see if they include to plan those local businesses in the bill that theyed admitted to the federal government to help recover the cost of the nuclear summit. we'll let you know when we hear back from the mayor's spokesperson. what do you think of the security and the street closure that is unreasonable. to ask them to show id to get into their own home. what about closing all the roads into the middle of downtown. should we be frustrated? >> the fact of life that we live in the nation's capitol. therefore, this is how we role. here are your thoughts on the mail bag. speaking of inconveniences, let's check in with the 9news
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now traffic center for the latest. maybe outside of town. >> yeah, you know what, we're bracing for the major gridlock because of the summit. not too bad, seeing a little bit of the delays. but overall, the roads to surrounding the convention center today have been great. people are staying away from the hot spots. and so that is what we like to see. it's going to continue for the other days as they continue to reopen after tomorrow night's surroundings of the convention center. not much traffic here for them and as always, you can always
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catch us at 4:25 over the morning to stay ahead of the traffic especially with the second day of the summit coming up tomorrow. >> it is really great. only going downhill for them. but 73ed today for the sunshine. a great day. picking up right where they left off. and here is your weekend for the clouds on the increase. and temperatures, they will be cooler in the next couple of days too. turning northeasterly at 10, that's one of the reasons. the temperatures right now, still very pleasant at national. but still some 70s. 70 in manassas and leesburg. some 60s as you go up 270 north towards frederick. we'll come back and talk about the changes when they come in and we'll talk about when the rain will follow, derek? still to come on 9news now. the showdown on the streets. the battle between the cyclists and the drivers are coming to ahead in maryland. but first, the block party
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breakdown at the president responding to this week's campus chaos.
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they also took part in the
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replaying this afternoon. ordering all flags in the state at half mass today. the flag outside the department of the labor was also lowered. the push is onto move the survivors from january's earthquake in haiti to the higher ground. that's because of the start of the rainy season that is already bringing the heavy downpour in port-au-prince. more than a million people were left homeless after the january 12 earthquakes in the haitian capitol. the government now, they are worried about the mud slides and the slides over the coming weeks. the the president is calling this an embarrassment to the school. they had to use the tear gas and the pepper spray to block up the party of more than 8,000 people over 30 people arrested after the several flights broke out. the e-mail for the criticizes of the behavior, the university plans to speak to the students, the police, and the local residence to try to figure out how to avoid the similar situations in the future. well still ahead, the smooth skies. the best when it comes to the
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air quality. and plus one day down, four to go. topper is back with a look at your workweek forecast. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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a bicyclist, i should say, hit and killed by a car in the distribute. and this happened at 12th street in new york avenue. and with just a few blocks outside the perimeter for the nuclear security summit at the dc convention center. we are told that the bicyclist, they were a woman and the truck driver did stay on the scene of the accident. we will have more tonight at 11. the deaths last week of the cyclist in maryland has created a room for them to get out of the area. as maryland's 2010 general assembly draws to a close, the hot button issue between the cyclists and the drivers are coming to a vote. the 42-year-old loved riding his bike. but the father of two was hit by a car and killed while riding on the real road outside
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baltimore last week. today, cyclists from across the state converged on the state capitol to remember them. and the lobby legislatures to pass a new law requiring the drivers to give cyclists that. at least three feet of the leeway when passing on any road in maryland. the widow, the mother of his two kids, struggled with his emotions. >> that bikers, they are mothers and fathers. and the suns and the daughters. and you have to just consider them when you are driving. and we have the culture, we just need to slow down. >> reporter: the delicate, found it that the senator is a sponsor of the bill. >> a minimum of three feet is required, in order to have a safe environment. which to me, it is just common sense. >> basically saying to give us room and understand that we're out there. and that, you know, we can't, well, we're not in a competition. but the websites are filled with comments from the angry motorists too. like this one, as long as the bicyclists, they exercise their stupidity, cycling on roads
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that are not wide enough to accommodate them. the stupid legislature allows them to. they will get hurt and killed. 20 other states have the three-state rule. but they recently rejected the measure. well today, maryland's general assembly, al decided to scale back the requirements for the utilities to buy the solar powers. the revised bill cuts back on the amount of the solar energy that needs to be pressured and how much companies will be charged if they don't meet the quota. and it sounds like your power bill is going up by a nickel per month next year. as much as 77 cents increase each month by 2016. where we build and how we build can make a big difference in the amount of the pollution in our area. that's the green alert from the
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coalition, the smarter growth today. the group first reported on the greenhouse gas emissions from the new and proposed projects. studying 11 local development projects. they found that the mixed use walkable developments that have the transit access, they help reduce the carbon dioxide admissions by 10 to 35%. that's because people are not forced to drive so much. areas where the developments are designed to be transit oriented could have an impact of more than 40%. you can read the entire reporter on just click on living green. well people in taiwan, they may soon feel like they are trapped in a bottle. especially when they visit a new art. and a three-story exhibition hall made out of one and a half million plastic of bottles of water. good news for fliers today.
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the quality, actually increased last year. and that's the word, at least, from the annual airline quality rating report. not all carriers are created equal. the hawaii airlines took the top spot in the survey, while three regional carriers bottomed out on the list. overall, the industry saw fewer complaints and lost bags and more on-time flights. it was the last time they have topped the list. delta is the worst rating of the airlines. rounding out the top five, air transit number two. jet blue at number three. northwest at number 4. and number five is southwest. an update now on the great barrier reef last weekend. today, crews were able to reflow the ships. about 44 miles away before the storms hit that region tomorrow. and the crews, they are still assessing the damage throughout
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the weeks and deciding if the company will have to pay the fines. so the storm is headed down there. but also around here, huh? >> yeah, not so much the big storms. but just some, you know, gray skies and the drizzles. we have that to our south now, producing the low-level clouds tonight. and the clouds are up tomorrow. a little drizzle possible in the morning. the best chance for the drizzle and the light rain that will be just out there. with the sunshine at 73 degrees. tonight, clouds come in. it will be chilly. we stay dry. and the low temperatures in the 40s. and the winds are northeasterly at about 10. temperatures right now, they are still mild. after the high of 73. still 69 at national. 70 in laurel. looking at 65 over towards annapolis. 71 in rockville.
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only 64 in gaithersburg. now we're in the 60s at great falls. arrested in sterling. that's the way it's going to be. they will fall. it looks like everyone tonight will be pretty much in the 40s. a couple of exceptions. but maybe out there, 49 downtown. 48 at college park. upper 40s in bowie. also over towards andrews, you get the mid-40s in rockville and gaithersburg. you've got route 7. you're going to find temperatures in the mid-40s. reston, 46. sterling, 45. and it looks like leesburg will be 44 or 45 along with manassas, great falls will be about 45 as well. tomorrow morning, mostly cloudy and chilly. a little drizzle possible. 40s and 50s. just maybe barely wet late into the commute. but by the afternoon, a much better chance for the drizzle and the light rain. and much cooler. a far cry from our 73 today. highs tomorrow, in fact, pretty cool. we'll be in the 50s. we'll return southward. they will make 60s. the old goal leading down to
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richmond. you'll make 70 degrees. the next seven days. cool the first two. and then warm in the middle. 58 tomorrow. 52 on wednesday. we'll see some breaks in the clouds late on wednesday. that'll lead to a very nice thursday and friday with temperatures, back into the 70s. and just a couple of showers on friday. but 75, who cares. a little cooler over the weekend. drizzle possible. get early saturday. we're back near the 60s. then sunshine on sunday and monday, looks good. >> not bad. >> well, from our weird news files, it seems like the cub fans will stop at nothing to lift the curse of the billy goat. and we do mean nothing. even if it means going on the pub crawl with the said goat in tow. sunday night, the fans are having some drinks with this goat. hoping to find whatever guys may have kept the teams in winning anything since the 1940s. and you'll see that it all goes back to the 1945s. in the world series against detroit. when a man whose name was billy, by the way, brought his goat to game number four. he was kicked out because the goats smelled bad. and now, upon leaving, he
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reportedly said, we quote, that the cubs, they are not going to win no more. and they have not. sot question is, can a few drinks ease the goat's pain enough to lift that curse? and we ought to know soon. the home opener is tonight. >> what will the goat do? >> we want to hear what you think. send your e-mails to mcginty's mail bag. 9news now will be right back with derek mcginty. ów
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another update for you now on our breaking news from the top of the hour. the bicyclist hit and killed down new york avenue. that woman was hit by the military avenue that was setting up the bared kid. keep in mind that the accident happens just a few blocks outside the perimeter for the convention center. and we'll have more on the accident tonight at 11. in the mail bag tonight, better known as driving while talking, maryland just passed a law making your cell phone conversation illegal mind the wheel. and unless you have a hands free device. but how, from german town maryland, they are totally unimpressed. >> wow, a $45 fine for using a cell phone while driving in maryland, but only if the police officer sees you do
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something else wrong. and this is a joke. one could only wonder how many more people are killed or injured before this is taken seriously. and they were not the only one that thinks the law needs to be tougher. robin from virginia, for example, whether people hold and talk on the phone or use a hands free device, the driver still distracted any phone use that should be banned. 100% attention should be out there from the plate of maryland. and i think that they are talking on the phone that should be illegal because it is the same as texting and driving. they are both distractions. but the less distractions that we have is the less accident. that might all be few or should we say that they must be true and we're talking about talking while driving is like obeying the speed limit. everybody admits that we must be safe where they don't go too far. at the same time, i'm betting if they likely break the limited one-time or another. most likely figuring your good enough to handle it. and so what is the solution? new laws or the crackdown? or do we just accept the fact that this new technology, as much as we love it, or perhaps
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because we love it so much, may our roads be just that much dangerous? pull over, stop your car. send your comments on the maryland senators just weakened a ban to talk on your phone when you are pulled over. don't forget, is always on. see you a bit later. bye. wow, is this... fiber one honey clusters? yes. it's delicious. delicious. i know. but it can't have... can't have about half a day's worth of fiber? i assure you it does. i was expecting... expecting sawdust and cardboard? i know. i can only taste... only taste the crunchy clusters, honey, and brown sugar. no madam, i don't have esp. ok. i'll take a box, but you probably already knew that. (announcer) fiber one. cardboard no. delicious yes.
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oprah and john tesh, their secret romance. this is "entertainment tonight." >> did oprah have a secret affair with my former cohost? >> john and i knew each other in the past. that's all i'll say. >> the "e.t." investigation. what we know about the rumored romance and kitty kelley's new tell-all, and what happened the day we went on the oprah set. >> do you remember we went on a date once? >> it was two dates. >> dixie carter remembered by his designing women co-stars. the latest news on her death as we look back at the love of her life. >> i recommend it for anybody who can get him. >> glee goes vogue for tv guide magazine. only we are behind the scenes for the madonna faceoff. >> i have never been a madonna fan. >> how dare you. >> welcome, "e.t.," to my dance rehearsal in chicago. >> exclusive niecy nash secrets before tonight's ballroom battle. >> all these people are seeing


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